We dream BIG.


We may be small in size but we are mighty in ambition. We are fearless in tackling projects that require new ways of thinking and new skills. We see the unknown as a growth opportunity to expand our know-how and build our reputation as a disruptive force. We depend on each other’s strengths to build our knowledge base and develop our own and one another’s weaknesses to cultivate our resilience as a team. We do not back down from a challenge. We cross the finish line with every task and project – no matter how tough – and aim for excellence in everything we do.

We are professional.


We are obsessed with confidentiality, and do not talk about our clients unless they specifically tell us to do so. We are also discreet about our projects, and do not brag about them for the sake of doing so. We build solid and long-standing relationships with the people we work with – clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners – that may naturally develop into deep and sincere friendships, even at family level. We welcome and encourage such evolutions, as we are perfectly able to distinguish between personal and professional spheres

We own what we do.


We keep our word, always. Clients and colleagues trust us because we do what we say we will. If we promise something by a certain day and time, we do everything we can to respect that deadline, owning our projects from start to finish. No excuses. Should we find ourselves unable to do it, we let our colleagues know about it in advance, and try to find alternative solutions and shortcuts. Should a manager ask someone to do something else on top of what they already agreed upon by a certain deadline, they will re-prioritise work accordingly.

We are flexible.


Freedom is not free. The price to pay is flexibility: you have to be available for your clients and colleagues for most part of your day. This does not mean that you have to work and/or look at your phone 24/7, but that people can contact you during working hours (that are communicated in advance) knowing that you’re there for the team in case of an emergency (last minute CEO’s requests, etc.). Of course, you have the right to disconnect, take days and evenings off. But being somewhat flexible towards business needs is a must, just like Disal will be towards meeting yours.

We serve our clients.


We thrive on our customers’ success and we grow through gathering their constant feedback. We aim at earning and keeping their trust. Being surrounded by intelligent and ambitious colleagues all the time, it can be tempting to develop a sense of superiority towards the rest of the world. We do not fall into this trap. Our clients may be busier and/or less organised than us, they may give us contradictory indications and incoherent requests. We are patient and kind with them, since we work for them, and our performance depends on how happy they are with our output and attitude. This does not mean that we cannot criticise them constructively, disagree with them, or stand up for ourselves if we feel they have crossed a line. Just like Ritz Carlton’s mission, at Disal we are “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

We take initiative.


When in doubt, speak out. Be the first to raise your hand, whether it’s to share a new idea or question an existing one. We are all part of the team because we bring something unique to the table: a new idea, a new perspective, a new way of doing things. Let this authenticity radiate by voicing your view, whether in the company of colleagues or clients, all while respecting the people in the room. Be proactive in your role by always moving the project forward, building your stamina and endurance as you go. The goal is to add value in everything we do.

We develop ourselves and our peers.


We believe in the power of real and honest feedback. We value diversity and always work towards inclusion. With every project, we take the time and energy to give and receive constructive criticism with an open mind and willingness to learn. This exchange happens organically across teams, no matter the role or responsibility within the company. We take the emotionality out of the process by reframing mistakes not as something to be embarrassed of, but as something we can all learn from and elevate us as a team. We invest time in reading, training and equipping ourselves to transform such failures into an armour of strength.

We are a caring meritocracy.


The better we work, the more rewards we get. No matter how old, educated or experienced anyone is, what matters is the value we add to our clients and colleagues. Effort is appreciated as long as it brings tangible results, otherwise we may as well save our time and employ it in a more relaxing or productive way. The best way to do great work is to feel well with our bodies, minds and communities. This is why, should one of us have a bad day, week or month, we are very comprehensive with them, and give all the support they need to recover their mental and physical health. It is okay not to feel okay and it is okay to talk about it.

We live well.


We work wherever and whenever we want. As long as it is compatible with clients’ and colleagues’ agenda, we are free to choose the best schedule and the best location to carry out duties. Anywhere: beach shacks, alpine resorts, Asian megalopolises. The happier we are, the better we work, the happier our clients. If there is nothing urgent and we feel like relaxing, we go for a walk, a surf or a gym session. We can pick up our tasks afterwards, nobody will look at the clock.

We do good work.


We focus on developing leaders and transforming organisations for future survival and prosperity, capitalizing on inclusion as an asset and pursuing it as a goal. We raise our hand if we believe there is something wrong, immoral, unethical, illegal or even irrelevant in the work we are asked to carry out.



Lethal, unpredictable, one-of-a-kind.
While other chess pieces move in straight lines, the knight follows a unique L-shaped pattern to attack and capture its enemies. Challenging traditional maneuvers, the knight is the only piece on the chessboard that jumps over others, making it one of the most potent and strategic weapons in the game.
The horse is pragmatic, he thinks outside the conventional schemes: if he starts from a black box he always arrives in a white one, and vice versa.
It leverages its flexibility to reinvent itself at every stage of the game. In this trajectory devoid of obstacles and limitations, his lateral thinking takes shape, displacing even the most experienced, who struggle to predict his moves.
At Disal Consulting, the knight is an emblem of who we are and what we represent. Our unique skills and unconventional tactics challenge traditional thinking to trailblaze new roads ahead. We stand behind one purpose: disrupt the status quo and win the match.