A couple of years ago, five beautiful minds faced a dilemma. Well-trained in economics, marketing and management, all five professionals encountered a decision: to live a balanced life in the places they loved or fulfil their ambitions by working on global projects with world-class companies. 

The choice lay between fancy business cards or a window by the sea, between the job of their dreams or the love of their life. Often, it meant weighing the pros and cons of an office full of brilliant colleagues in a cold, hectic city versus the option of being free to stay close to family and explore the world. At each fork in the road, the latter always mattered the most. Yes, but doing what? they wondered.

Great jobs and exciting projects seemed forever reserved for those willing to live in big cities and sit in big offices all day, every day for most of their lives.

Nicolò, Mario, Naomy, Laura and Ludovica had been there and done that. They studied at prestigious schools: Bocconi in Italy, Fudan in China, Imperial and Cambridge in the UK, UBC in Canada, Nanyang in Singapore. They worked for some of the best companies in the world, both in the public and private sector: The United Nations and European Central Bank, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, Google and Microsoft, Ferrari and Michelin-starred groups.

Yet, slide after slide and spreadsheet after spreadsheet, they felt they were no longer giving their best. They sensed that the once-flourishing qualities of creativity, vitality and energy were withering away.

The problem was not the late hours nor the high stakes. They loved challenging tasks and ambitious targets. They just needed new rules to live by, allowing them to be where they wanted to be and the freedom to live their lives.

At first, Nicoló tried to do that as a freelancer, facing the unknown in exchange for more freedom. He excelled at numbers and words, so he took on impact analysis reports and marketing strategies and business plans and communications projects – which, in the working world, are often performed separately and by different people. However, Nicoló was thirsty for new challenges, so he took them all together. It started working. Soon enough, he called in other like-minded people to work with him. And the concept took off.

Such diverse projects and people made all five professionals discover something they already had inside them: that strategies and stories are both intertwined and inseparable. They realised that people forget numbers and data when unaccompanied by clear messaging, and words sound hollow without a deep knowledge of what you are writing or talking about.

For the first time, it seemed, strategy and storytelling were done by the same people within the same company, working on the same projects: impact analysis and messaging guidelines, business frameworks and marketing materials, quarterly results and social media cards. 

World Economic Forum, Netflix, the Australian Government, UniCredit - these are just a handful of the world-leading organisations they started serving from the narrow streets of Bari Vecchia, the rolling hills of Bali and Bologna, and the sea of coffee tables in Rome.

They were building their dream one zoom call, one slide and one ocean dip at the time. They believed in it, and it became real. It became Disal: strategies, stories and skills for global companies and digital citizens.

It all started with a choice. The beautiful minds were willing to work and live their best lives, no matter where their hearts would take them.




Founder & Managing Director

Nicolò Andreula

Nicolò Andreula is a global economist with a passion for strategy, marketing, and leadership development, shaping corporate strategy, public policies, and educational programs to maximize disruptive technologies' socio-economic benefits. 

After starting his career at the United Nations and the InterAmerican Development Bank, Nicolò worked as a consultant for McKinsey in London and AlphaBeta in Singapore, with global clients like Google, Uber, and Netflix in Asia. He has written papers for the McKinsey Global Institute in Europe and the USA, which was featured in the Harvard Business Review. He has also carried out research for Netflix about cultural affinity, the World Economic Forum about geospatial technologies in Africa, Green Technologies for Chinese cities, and advised the French Government to rethink workforce development.

He is deeply involved in lifelong learning as Scientific Director of a Master in Digital Entrepreneurship at H-Farm, and visiting lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanyang Business School in Singapore, and IE Business School in Madrid. He also conducts training programs for Amazon, Ferrari, JLL, UniCredit.

Nicolò holds an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc in Economics from Bocconi. He has written two books: Flow Generation (featured on Amazon's bestsellers' lists) and Phygital (published by Hoepli). 

Marketing & Operations Manager

Laura Larocchia

Laura is a Social Media Strategist and Disal’s Administrative Officer.
Born in Russia and raised in Bari, she has lived in Madrid and Milan, two cities where she worked in hospitality, entertainment and finally in the consulting industry. After completing her studies in economics, she decided to specialize in two different areas. On one hand, her skills in marketing and communication brought her to deal with marketing strategies, social media management, personal branding strategies and graphic design.

She also contributed to the development of several executive training courses in Digital Marketing for global companies and international colleges such as Amazon and H-Farm.
On the other hand, her passion for corporate management led her to cover positions in the administrative area of an accounting firm as well as of companies from different sectors…and that is how she finally ended up taking care of Disal Consulting’s administrative office since its foundation.

In her spare time, she enjoys surfing and “working” as vice curator of Global Shapers Bari – an initiative of the World Economic Forum – where she is involved in projects that create a significant economic, social and political impact in the city where she grew up.

Administrative assistant

Teresa Debiase

Teresa has developed a deep interest in interpersonal dynamics.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science from University of Bari and a master's degree in Labour Consulting and HR Management from Cattolica University in Milan, she worked in multinational companies such as Carrefour and Lidl. There, she had the opportunity to strengthen his expertise in different areas of the HR world, from recruitment to people management, paying particular attention to adopting an ad-hoc approach tailored to each person.

Her interest in human resources goes beyond her job, and extends to the involvement and enhancement of the community in which she lives. In fact, she has dedicated part of her free time to volunteer activities in her hometown. More specifically, she was involved in the design of art and sports workshops for children in need, and helped women experiencing serious psychological, family and social hardship.

Today Teresa is an administrative assistant in Disal Consulting, and plays a support role for all accounting and people management activities.

Senior Manager

Elena Allegretti

Elena Allegretti is a marketing, communication and digital transformation expert. Fueled by curiosity and ambition, she moved abroad at a young age, completing her studies at renowned institutions across America and Europe. She earned her degree in Economics & Public Policy from Georgia State University in Atlanta and later achieved a Master in Management from ESCP Europe Business School in Paris, specializing in circular business models.

Following her studies, Elena relocated to Dublin to join Google's EMEA Headquarters. There, she gained substantial expertise in advertising, sales & partnerships, guiding promising Italian companies and startups through their digital transformation journeys. She worked closely with executives from well-established brands in Retail, Fashion, and Luxury such as Mondo Convenienza, Miroglio Group and Golden Goose, developing tailored business and communication strategies, and collaborating with their media, creative, and tech agencies.

At Google, Elena became passionate about team and company culture, leading several projects aimed at improving employees’ experience, including an internal communication plan and initiatives dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Today she is a Senior Manager at Disal Consulting, where she leads projects in strategy, marketing and communication.

Project Manager

Ludovica De Santis

Ludovica De Santis is a young economist with an international profile. She holds an MSc in Economics and Strategy for Business from Imperial College Business School, and a BSc in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Royal Holloway University, London.

 After gaining some valuable experience in the start-up and consulting fields, she worked at the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) and the Bank of Italy (Rome) for two years, first as a trainee and then as an analyst.She contributed to the supervision of two Italian financial institutions, specialising in business plan analysis, risk management, corporate governance and EU standards.

At present, she works as a strategy consultant at Disal Consulting, where she manages projects in research, impact analysis, communication strategy, and executive education.

Communications Specialist

Alessandro Meneghella

Alessandro Meneghella is a young economist passionate about strategic consulting and communication.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Trento, followed by a MSc in Economics at the London School of Economics.

During the first three years of university, he consistently sought to combine theoretical training with hands-on experiences, ranging from Web Marketing companies in Miami to European Union Think Tanks in Brussels.

During this period, he also began taking his first steps at Disal Consulting, contributing to a project aimed at assessing the impact of geospatial technologies on the economy of Africa.

His desire "to know the causes of things" later led him to London, where he had the opportunity to engage with some of the brightest minds in the field of economic sciences, enriching his critical thinking and developing an exceptional academic rigor and attention to details.

However, often understanding something is not enough; one needs the right skills to convey the message effectively, clearly, and memorably. Motivated by this thought, after the 9 months in London, Alessandro returned to Disal Consulting. Currently, he is involved in strategy, impact analysis, and communication for private companies and international organizations.

Project Manager

Mario De Pinto

Mario is a strategy consultant with an expertise in public policy and communication.He holds a degree in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University in Milan and attended courses at the London School of Economics and Cambridge University.

He has served a wide range of clients including the World Economic Forum (measuring the impact of geospatial services on African agriculture and mining sectors), INSEAD (research paper “Talent on the Move” for the French Government), Netflix, Geoscience Australia, as well as startups in the bioenergy and fashion industry.

Mario worked on executive education projects for Amazon, JLL, and Poste Italiane. He was also a guest lecturer at Nanyang Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Yale-NUS and IE Business School and collaborated to design H-Farm’s Master in the Digital Entrepreneurship.

Mario was the Vice Curator of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hub in Bari and was included in the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Communications Specialist

Federica Paolucci

Federica Paolucci is a young communication and public relations specialist with a strong passion for digital marketing, sustainability and innovation.

Her career started in the marketing and communication department of the Pontifical Council for Culture of the Vatican, and then continued in international communication agencies, first in Lisbon and then in Berlin.

In Berlin, she worked for international organisations such as the European Commission and NATO and major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and ATR. In particular, she participated in the design and implementation of important communication campaigns for the European Commission, such as the EU Year of Rail and the Green Deal.

During her experiences abroad, she also completed her studies in international relations at thePortuguese Catholic University and earned a master's degree in Digital Marketing at the 24ORE Business School.

Today, Federica works as communications specialist at Disal Consulting, where she helps clients achieve their goals through integrated communication strategies.



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